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Wonky Ear Bakehouse

Nestled in the heart of the Kingsmere estate in Bicester, Oxfordshire, Wonky Ear Bakehouse is a micro-bakery specialising in slowly fermented sourdough breads and sweet treats with delivery services to a growing, fast-paced neighbourhood.

Click here to read more about the bakery and why we got wonky!

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Sourdough Country Loaf

How it works

The menu will open on Sunday. Orders should be placed before Wednesday night for the delivery on Saturday.

Deliveries are made on Saturdays between 8am - 12pm.

Free delivery for orders above £10.


Fresh bread and treats will be delivered to your door step. If you are not home, we will leave your order at your designated safe place.

Check if you're in the delivery zone

We currently only deliver to addresses within the Kingsmere estate. Click the above icon to read more about delivery.

Place your order

Place your orders by Wednesday night to avoid disappointment.

Enjoy fresh bread & treats at home

Deliveries will be made to your door step, or designated safe place if you are not home.


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